Arma 2: DayZ Mod

Our DayZ Mod server has been online for 6 years and has been outperforming server providers for just as long. We work hard to provide a strong platform for players to build their characters on without the worry of losing data or struggling server performance. Our server also brings to the table a list of additional features that enhance the original atmosphere of DayZ. Features such as:
  • - Sarge AI
  • - AI Missions
  • - Animated Crash Sites
  • - Additional Loot Sites
  • - Humanity Boosters
  • - Balanced Day and Night Cycles
  • - Realistic Night Lighting
  • - Gas Station Refueling
  • - Persistent Group System

Arma 3: BreakingPoint

Our Breaking Point servers are some of the few remaining private servers especially North American servers. HoD Gaming is also the current developer for Sarge AI that was started by Sarge for DayZ Mod. We have continued to support this mod since abandonment in Arma 2 and we have ported it to Arma 3 with support for multiple mods including BreakingPoint! Although the only extra feature we have is Sarge AI we plan to add more to keep things interesting.

7 Days to Die

Our 7 Days to Die server has recently been upgraded to the latest stable branch patch. The latest patch brings a plethora of updates and bug fixes to the core game making it more enjoyable than ever. Come check us out!